Santa Claus lives in Finland

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People all over the world keep asking where Santa Claus lives. The answer is clear and obvious. Santa lives in Finland. To be more precise he lives in Korvatunturi. That’s in the Northern part of the country, around the Arctic Circle. The legend first appeared back in 1920’s when famous radio voice Markus Rautio mentioned Korvatunturi as Santas living place in popular children’s radio show. Since then Korvatunturi has been honored as Santas headquarters. This fact has been acknowledged all over the world and every year thousands of curious travelers visit Santas home.

Address to Santa Claus

It’s never too late to write to Santa. You can always send a letter and wish for gifts. If Santa does not catch your letter this year, he will save it for the next Christmas. So, just take a pen and paper, and let go! Here is Santa’s address:

Joulupukin Pääposti

Joulupukin Pajakylä

96930 Napapiiri

Finland, Europe

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