Making of Letterhead

Matti Mattila

Common typeface letters are very artistically designed. Letters are typically highly sophisticated with detailed nuances. Some imagination makes the letters even more interesting. Rotating, skewing and mirroring fonts reveals a whole new world of exciting shapes and figures. I made the Letterhead image using only a handful of typical characters and well-known Comic Sans typeface. The eyes were easy. The left eye is actually made of lower case letter d, which is rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise and then duplicated and horizontally mirrored for the right one. Eyeballs are just ordinary full stops centered inside the letter circle. Mustache is a simple curly brace, again rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise and placed neatly under the eyes. Left ear is lower case letter c, which I mirrored vertically to align the cheek. The right ear is made or letter c as well and rotated and mirrored to create the effect. Cheeks and chin are made of parentheses, which I sized to meet the hairline. Finally, the hair is made of five parentheses with multiple rotations, sizing and mirroring. The final image was finished with only 15 characters and just in few minutes using Photoshop CS5 Extended software.

Julkaistu Wednesdayna 25.5.2011 klo 18:30 avainsanoilla askartelu, grafiikka, harrastukset ja Photoshop.

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