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Finland Is a Paradise for Water Sports - Try These in Summer

Hans Isaacson

Finnish summer is filled with wonderful moments that give us energy to go through the dark winter. We eat a lot of ice cream and escape to our summer houses to redefine the quality of life. Summer is also a great time to try something new and Finland offers brilliant opportunities for water sports.

Summer is soon here again when we can explore amazing things alone or together with our close ones. Vacation in the cities or countryside provide unforgettable memories that make us smile during the colder periods. You can explore the beautiful nature or stay home to entertain yourself with games like Galaksino casino provides for instance.

Finnish summer carries a lot of lovely traditions, but you can add something new to your holiday. Water sports can be an excellent choice for an active summer, and we will dive into them more deeply in this article.

Canoeing and kayaking

If your arms are up for a great workout in the water, you should try kayaking. It is an easy way of discovering the landscape from the water and it can be done in many places in Finland: lakes, rivers, dams or even in the ocean.

Canoeing can be described as some kind of padding in a small boat. Kayaking in turns is more like sitting in a hole which is located in a closed-up canoe. Equipment can be bought but there are also some services that rent it for beginners.

Parasailing for Thrill-Seekers

Parasailing is a great option for those who are seeking more excitement, but it suits also for more cautious people. Parasailing provides you a comfortable and smooth ride while you get trailed by a boat. At the same time you will be gently hoisted from the ground into the blue sky.

The risks of parasailing are relatively low and it can be done in many locations in Finland too. It is also for those who want to invest in a sustainable future. Parasailing is an ecological option for those who want to be more active in the water. The energy is taken from pure and renewable wind so this hobby can become the number one water sports in the future.

Trendy SUP Boarding

SUP comes from the words Stand-up Boarding and as the name reveals, it is paddleboarding you do standing. SUP boarding has become popular in Finland and the equipment is more and more a standard thing in every summer house.

Even though it’s quite a new thing in Finland, it has a history of more than 70 years. SUP boarding floated originally from Hawaii, and it took some time before it reached the massive popularity in the Northern part of the world.

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