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Virtual professional networks are growing fast. LinkedIn is perhaps one of the largest networks for professionals in wide range of various expertise. People get connected from all over the world and they make contacts to new potential customers and service providers. Internet is an excellent way to broaden one’s network by simply clicking links and joining other networks by invitation.

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LinkedIn launched improved group feature recently. Setting up a new group for specialists with common interest is now easier than ever. Number of groups has grown rapidly. I have received more than dozen invitations to join an expert group on LinkedIn. Friends of Finland is an expert group, which I created two weeks ago to promote Finland. Today the group has 184 members and dozen new members join each day. Friends of Finland is an open group for all LinkedIn users wanting to network or make connections with other Friends of Finland users.

If you would like to join this group, simply click the group invitation link. Join also my professional network on LinkedIn. See my email address at the end of my profile page to send your invitation.

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